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Something about me

I was born on the coast, near Barcelona, about 30 years ago. I am Industrial Engineer specialized in manufacturing techniques and graduated at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Today, I live with my husband, my son and a parrot that has decided not to speak.


From earliest childhood, I showed interest in sewing and other needlework due to the tradition of women in my family. But it was not until my adulthood that I discovered the world of patchwork, quilting and textile art.


I have taken classes from the hand of renowned quilters and, gradually, I developed a special interest for the study of design and color. I love creating unique and unrepeatable pieces, because each one has a little bit of my soul. Every fabric patch contains a moment of my life: a rainy day, some good news, holidays on the beach ...

Today, I’m still learning to explore new channels to find inspiration for making new designs. In the same way, I constantly search new techniques which help me in the realization of my sketches.







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